Clinic with Katrin Wallberg in Sauda, Norway

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Clinic with Katrin Wallberg in Sauda, Norway

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Time: September 28-29 2019
Place: Sauda, Norway
Instructor: Katrin Wallberg
Organiser: Stephanie Birkeland

Katrin Wallberg has a unique concept in her training. It implies strengthening the core muscles to get core stability in both the horse and the rider. The result is horses that lift the chest more, get more lightness in the forehand and gain stability and softness at the same time. This is not linked to any particular discipline, but it provides a good basis for both leisure riders and competition riders at all levels.

On this weekend clinic you will learn how the horse can lift the chest by activating the core muscles. You will also get a better understanding of why many riding systems we see today doesn’t give this effect. During the practice lessons we will work both on activating the  core muscles of the riders and on teaching the horses how to activate their core muscles.

The lessons are customised to the needs and by requests of each equipage. Therefore the course is opened to all levels and disciplines. The lessons can be done from the ground or ridden. The clinic is a total of 16 lessons and 3 hours of theory. Each rider has two lessons of 45 minutes.

In her lessons Katrin use a combination of:

  • Posture, self carriage and cadence from the Science of Motion, SOM
  • The rider’s position, balance, posture and straightness from Vertical Balanced Riding, VBR
  • Pedagogics from the Academic Art of Riding, AAoR


09.00-10.00 Theory
10.15-13.15 4 Lessons
13:15-14:15 Lunch
14.15-15.15 Theory
15.30-18.30 4 Lessons

09.00-12.00 4 Lessons
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13.15-14.15 Theory
14.30-17.30 4 Lessons


Mosbakka 29, Saudasjøen


Riders: 3 000 kr
Includes two private lessons and all theory.

Theory participant:

  • Both days: 600 kr
  • Only Saturday: 500 kr
  • Only Sunday: 350 kr

Bring your own food.  Take-out ordered on Saturday evening.

Information and booking

Stephanie Birkeland

  • tlf 40013006
  • FB messenger

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